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  2. taherehmafi, Shatter Me

  3. Are you telling me the fate of 12 billion people is in the hands of a thief, two thugs, a murderer, and a maniac?


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    Skottie Young ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Go to ALSA.org for more information and to donate. 

  5. Christina and I sat together at breakfast, and earlier she shielded me from the rest of the dormitory as I changed. I haven’t had a friend like her before.

    I guess I haven’t really had a friend, period. It’s impossible to have real friendship when no one feels like they can accept help or even talk about themselves. That won’t happen here. I already know more about Christina than I ever knew about Susan, and it’s only been two days.

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    “Whenever I saw her, I felt like I had been living in another country, doing moderately well in another language, and then she showed up speaking English and suddenly I could speak with all the complexity and nuance that I hadn’t realized was gone. With Lucy I was a native speaker.”
    ― Ann Patchett,
    Truth and Beauty

    I love this so much. laurazumwalt

    With Ally I AM a native speaker.

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    65 - A Parks & Rec Tip the Waiter Special! 

    The past couple weeks, I’ve been leaving these as tips at various coffee shops I’ve been visiting. Started with Ron Swanson (which I’m reposting here, just to complete the set) and just snowballed from there! The baristas seem to enjoy them, even if they’ve mostly never seen the show (shame on them!), so maybe I’ll keep on going, just so I can get to Anne and Gary/Jerry/Larry and round out the gang!


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  10. Sewing for my niece this morning. She will be here so soon! #riversotis